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Tribute to my mentor

Howard E. Williams
1932 - 2011
Field communications installer in Korea during the war.
Mountain Bell Installer / Supervisor  throughout Montana- 35 years
Owner / Operator of Pioneer Telephone Service of Helena - 15 years
Served on Montana's Vo Tech Council- 8 years
An extraordinary telephone man and a wonderful person.

                      Serving His Country in Korea

                        Keeping the Lines open for his customers


       Bravely overcoming life's obstacles and always thankful for
    the good things that came his way.  Howard was my first  telephone
 supervisor and gave me the desire to always do the best that I can.
  Every job that I do, is still done under his supervision. 
  Thanks, Dad, for everything that you have given me.  
   "A job is not done, unless it is done right!"
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