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When we started this business, in November of 1985,  there was a very limited number of Business telephone system options.  Until 1984, the Bell system was the ONLY source for telephones of any kind and our experience had been with the multiline AT&T or Western Electric products.  New electronic key systems, like the AT&T Merlin and Spirit, Southwestern Bell and Panasonic allowed access to new features and system capacities that were previously not available.  At this time, there were no cell phones and a fax machine weighed in at fifty pounds.  We had engineers evaluate the quality of manufacturing for several brands and found that Panasonic products were always rated highly.  Now Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) is gaining ground in the business telecommunications world.  These systems work great for companies with multiple locations, if you have adequate bandwidth from your internet provider.  The Panasonic KX-TDE systems can integrate with Voip or standard telephone services.  This allow companies to use proven technology and expand into the features offered through Internet based telephony. We service and repair other brands, but are always impressed with the quality and reliability of Panasonic products.
   We have  customers that are still using the phone systems that we installed over 30 years ago.  Our products are thoroughly tested and employ the latest technologies to deliver quality and value to their customers.  Whether you need remote VoIP workstations, want your voicemail messages to go to your email or just expect your equipment to last,  we can find a solution that meets your needs.

Panasonic phones will work with the next generation control units, helping customers control costs and maximize investments. 

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Panasonic offers business telephone systems that will meet the needs of your business on your budget.
Panasonic IP Digital equipment incorporates Voice Over IP technology to allow you to connect remote offices and phones. 
If you are a fast growing business, this might be the system for you. (Law Offices, Real Estate, Municipal, etc.)
Panasonic KXTA Hybrid telephone systems offer features for smaller business and home offices. (business, home office, etc.)
D-Tel has the experience and knowledge to help you choose the system that meet you needs and fits your budget.


  • KXTDA50system will support up to 12 lines and 28 digital phones.     
  • KXTDA 100 system supports up to 96 ports with two T-1 or two PRI circuits.
  • KXNS 700 system with Full Voip or hybrid configurations.  Add remote phones using internet connectivity.  Tie multiple sites with the one-look feature.
  • KXTDA 200 system supports up to 196 ports with four T-1 or PRI circuits.
  • Wireless handsets give you the ability to be connected even when you are away from your desk.

  • IP gateways connect multiple locations to improve service and lower costs. Voip.pdf
  • IP stations will connect system IP phones to remote or mobile employees by VPN. remote.pdf
  • Voip softphones can turn you PC into a system telephone.
  • CTI integration can improve productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.            Phone assistant.pdf
  • USB modules will connect your phone to your PC to share contact lists and caller ID information. PCphone.pdf
  • KXTVA Voice Processing Systems offer email integration, auto attendant, personal call routing and remote maintainence.
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