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Always check the cord from your phone to the wall jack.  If it is plugged in and your phone is dead, check to see if other phones are working.  If all of the phones are dead, you will need to make sure that you have power to the Control Unit that runs all of your telephone devices.  Think of the Control Unit as the computer and the telephones as the keyboard and monitor.  If the computer has no power, the rest of the system will not work!

no dial tone:
    Does the intercom work?    NO: Check power to system
                                                        YES: Check every line to see if you can                                                             get a dial tone.
   Do you have lights or a display?
                                                      NO: Check power, if the system has                                                                 power, (the power light is on) turn power off                                                      for 15 seconds and then back on.  Your                                                             system will reboot  and clear any random                                                             problems 


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                   Panasonic business telephone
                   Programming Questions ??


 PANASONIC  KXTDA 50, 100,200   time set tda.pdf
              Panasonic  KXTD 816/1232    time set kxtd.pdf
         Panasonic KXTA 824 / 624   time set.doc
           Panasonic KXT 308 / 616   time set kxt.pdf

 2. User guides for Panasonic telephone systems
    Panasonic kxta 824  user.pdf
    Panasonic KXTD 816/1232  user.pdfprogram table
    Panasonic KXTDA 50/100/200  user.pdf
3. User guides for Panasonic Voice mail systems
Panasonic KXTVS 50, 100, 200 user.pdf
Panasonic KXTVS 90,125,225  user.pdf
Panasonic KXTVA50, 100  user.pdf

4. Labels for Panasonic telephones
Panasonic kxt 7431 label.doc
 Panasonic kxt 7433  label.doc
Panasonic kxt 7667  label.doc
Panasonic kxtd 7633  label.doc

Look at the bottom of your telephone to identify the model number.  For telephone systems and voice mail systems, you need to look at the control 'box' that is typically mounted on a wall where all of your phone cabling comes together.  (mechanical room or telecom closet)

                              Retrieving messages remotely

To retrieve your voice messages remotely, you must call  or be transfered into the voice processing system.  Enter #6 and then  press star plus your mailbox number (typically your extension number). You then enter your password followed by the # key.  Follow the voice prompts as you would when you retrieve messages from your extension telephone.

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